Fun Wine Links & Places

As people send them to me or I discover them, I’ll post links to the websites of fun wine hangouts, blogs or just great pictures.

American Wine Society An organization dedicated to promoting wines and wine education.  On their web site They have a wine tasting wheel and tasting guide that’s kind of fun and useful for novices in identifying flavors and other wine characteristics.

Laithwaite Wines This is a neat website that features wine from all over the world including some that the Laithwaites produce and vint themselves at their winery in Bordeaux (Le Grand Chai). They have a fun wine club that lets you pick and choose the wines in four cases a year (quarterly).  It is a nice alternative to Naked Wines for those that are not into the social networking experience

Naked Wines Tasting RoomA great little place in Napa proper that showcases the Naked Wines inventory, free to Naked Wine Angels, but very inexpensive for the General Public.

Naked Wines Kenwood WineryThe Chance to see how Naked Wines ticks and try some of their great wines in the Winery Tasting room.

Reverse Wine Snob This is a fun site with great reviews of some really good California wines.

The Truth About Wine  —  Ryan O’Connell, winemaker extraordinaire, has a fun blog as part of his Naked Wine affiliation that provides great information about all sorts of wine related topics like winemaker profiles, and pricing issues in the industry.  I follow it and it in part pushed me to create this site.

Total Wine and More Store — This is a really neat wine store if you live in one of their places they have stores or places they ship, otherwise it is a great on-line “Bed, Bath & Beyond” type store for wine toys and supplies.

Ventura Wine Company  — Fun spot in the California Wine Company with enomatic wine servers that dispense 1, 3 and 4 ounce portions of some really expensive wines as cheaply as $1.00 per taste.

Westchester Wine Guy This is a fun wine blog by a guy that seems to know a bit more about wine than the average bear.  Sometimes a bit heady (above my head) but a good source for information.

Wine Folly on Wine Tasting —  This is a fun link for novice and sophisticated palates to learn or refresh your wine tasting techniques.

Wine Trail Adventures Wine Trails Adventures is a fun little social networking site that lets you earn merit badges (Yes Virginia, just like Scouts) for filing wine reviews and winery reviews and other fun stuff.  You can build a pack of friends in you area and hit the roade taking winery tours,

 Woodside Vineyards —  This is a a fun small vineyard that makes some of the best wines I’ve ever tasted.  It is located in San Mateo County and their wines are hard to find in retail outlets in most of the country due to a total production of about 3000 Cases per year.  They have a great wine club with reasonably priced ($50-$70) quarterly shipments and member pricing on other orders that saves about 20% off list which puts their wine in reach of my budget as long as I don’t buy too much.  Check this one out, I promise you won’t be sorry.

2 Responses to Fun Wine Links & Places

  1. rminto says:

    Jeff — I’ll see what I am doing that week-end and maybe I’ll try to get down.


  2. Jeff Nevitt says:

    Hi Robert,

    Really interesting wine festival down here in Ventura County in early June and Randall Graham’s Bonny Doon Vineyard will be there, so I’m hoping to attend and maybe meet Randall in person. Here’s the link to the festival if you are interested in posting.

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