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Wine Fun: Pilates for Wine Lovers

I recently discovered a wine blog called “The Wine Culturist” which I am really enjoying as it provides a witty, world perspective of things about wine outside the usual reviews and technical stuff.  I am reblogging one of her posts: … Continue reading

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The Weekly Wine for February 28, 2016

Jeff Stai’s (El Jefe to those that know him) Twisted Oak Winery produces some of my favorite wines created with an Iberian feel from old vines (grown in California) of some of the greatest varietals  of Spain  and Portugal.  This … Continue reading

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Garnacha Blanca–A Wine Dog To The End–RIP

I follow a lot of winemakers but Jeff Stai  (El Jefe) is without question one of my favorites.  Not only does he make incredible, one of a kind,  vintages, but he has a really deep soul.  I have been looking … Continue reading

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Sulfite Free Wine Anybody, Not!

What’s with the sulfites in wine?  In any number of forums I follow this question comes up over and over again.  Yesterday I saw a post  by a friend Anna Salinas that referred to TV: Rob Moshein’s piece on … Continue reading

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The Cellar Dwellers

I know, a bit whimsical as my posts usually go, but I am trying to change things up a bit to create more excitement for my readers. My first ever photo blog hopefully gets to the essence of Poor Robert’s (Wine) … Continue reading

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The Weekly Wine for February 19, 2016

For the past few weeks, I’ve been alternating between red and white wines for The Weekly Wine. This week I am mixing it up a bit and featuring a truly unique rosé, the 2015 brick & mortar Sonoma Coast Rosé of … Continue reading

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The Weekly Wine For February 12, 2016

Miriam Alexandra 2014 California Chenin Blanc.  This wine, my Valentines Day present to my readers, comes from a real up and coming winemaker Alexandra Faber, a graduate of the UC Davis wine making program, who worked for a while for … Continue reading

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The Weekly Wine for February 5, 2016

Et Fille 2012 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. This wine is a family affair as Et Fille (translates – “and Daughter”) represents a collaboration between winemakers Howard Mozeico and his daughter Jessica Mozeico working from their winery of the same name … Continue reading

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