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Life Observed Through the Bottom of a Wine Bottle

We’ve all heard the phrase “looking at the world through the bottom of a bottle”.  Well I did just that and had to be stone cold sober to pull it off. I’ve been having some fun lately using empty wine … Continue reading

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Craft Wine? Craft Beer’s Innovation Edge (and What Wine Can Do About It)

A year or so ago I did a post on Craft vs. Production Wines, but didn’t give Craft Beer a thought. The Wine Economist (Mike Veseth) just produced an absolutely outstanding post setting Craft Wine against Craft Beer. It is … Continue reading

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Writers Block for a Wine Reviewer

Writers block comes in a number of forms for serious writers.  It can be lack of ideas, stress, being unhappy with ones writing, or a lack of  validation (self mostly).  For a wine reviewer there can be another reason, wine … Continue reading

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Wine Regions of the World – Mendoza

I’ve been an admirer of Poor Robert’s Almanac for a while so I was incredibly honoured when Robert himself asked me to write about Argentina’s most famous wine region, Mendoza, and the fabulous wines it produces. I currently work in … Continue reading

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Coming Soon To a Wine Blog Near You.

I told you a few weeks ago that I would be changing up the character of  Poor Robert’s (Wine) Almanac to give it a new and more exciting look and feel.  I wasn’t talking about giving it a new visual … Continue reading

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Wino Forever: A True Story of Infatuation

Okay so I am spending way to much time reading other blogs and not enough writing my own, This piece by The Wine Culturist, really got me, not because of the Johnny Depp references, but because now in retirement I … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

May your sails always be full with a following fair wind. Chardonnay with my own special additions May your path be true and clear and may the ground always rise up to meet you as you find your way on … Continue reading

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Non-Naked, Naked Winemakers Other Projects, Say What!

Many of my readers don’t belong to the Naked Wines Family and have asked about getting some of the Naked Wines I’ve reviewed elsewhere.  Unfortunately you have to get them from Naked Wines, that said many of them have other … Continue reading

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Tribute to Pat Conroy an Author and Wine Drinker

The Author of the Great Santini  Pat Conroy passed away this past weekend and with him some of the greatest protaganist and antagonists of all time.  This quote by Col. Bull Meechum stand as one of the great mischaracterization of … Continue reading

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Orange Wines: Sometimes, the Best New Things are Old*

Originally posted on The Armchair Sommelier:
Last Friday night I attended a seminar on Orange Wines (no relation to actual oranges) with enologist, Charles Gendrot.  It was held at one of my local wine shops, Cork & Fork. I normally shun…

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