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Welcome to Poor Robert’s  (Wine) Almanac

This Blog is dedicated to all the world’s wine drinkers that are not professional tasters, critics, or wine makers.  I hope to provide some information and links to other (detailed) information that will help all of us who love wine understand wine terminology, history, and stylistic differences between wines.  I am not trying to turn wine lovers into experts or critics, but rather to provide a place where they can get reliable information that enables them to gain a better understanding of the wine world and enhance their personal enjoyment of the various styles of wines.  This Blog will be a work in progress for a while as I learn how to build one and make it interesting and useful.  Please bear with me.  I’ll be posting my first substantial post later this week and I always welcome comments, suggestions and factual additions to any of my posts or improvement to the Blog’s appearance.


6 Responses to About this Blog

  1. Robert, I just wanted to stop by and tell you I’ve missed you these past few weeks over on Finding Our Features. Won’t you join the fun again this week? Submit your feature!

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    • Poor Robert says:

      It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted my feature as I have not found much new wine that really deserved showcasing. It’s back this week so I’ll be there. It’s nice to know that I am missed, thanks.

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  2. haloangel1 says:

    I’ve selected your blog for the Liebster Award. I was selected and now I am paying it forward to you! It is a bit of work, but I hope you will be pleased and consider it. You can find details on my post.

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  3. Ann Marie Fournier says:

    Great posting! So much is interesting that I had no clue about. Wish you would write one about Burgundies. Maybe you already have – I’m kind of a newbie here. I definitely didn’t suspect a California Cabernet Sauvignon would be blended with a Merlot. I suspect you derived much enjoyment in delving through the old history. Thanks again.

    Ann Marie


    • rminto says:

      Ann Marie — I am glad you enjoyed my blending post. You can view all my posts by clicking on the “Archives” in the left hand column below the calendar. I have them catalogued by month so they are usually in clumps of four or five. I have not done one on Burgundy, as a varietal or as a wine region, so I’ll get on it for you. Since it will probably be about the grapes that make up Burgundy, it will likely appear on the Varietals page rather than the posting it as a general blog. Look for it in about a week or so. I’ll need to do a little research and that will likely eat up next week.

      The interesting thing about California Cabernets and other varietals as well is you can add up to 25% of any other grapes and that can be 2.5% of 10 different varietals (including whites) or any combination that makes up 25% or less. Merlot seems to be the favorite, but I’ve had some really interesting Cabernet Sauvignons with some Zinfandel mixed in and it has been outstanding.

      Thanks again for the posting ideas.


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