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What’s In A Wine Glass — Besides Wine?

I’ve consumed wine in just about every sort of vessel, from paper cups, plastic wine glasses mason jars and all sort of fancy wine goblets. I’m even old enough to remember when a wine glass was small and only came in one shape. … Continue reading

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What’s All the Junk in My Wine?

First off, other than looking bad, none of it will ruin the wine or make you sick. In fact in some winemaking processes (old world) tartrate crystals can be a sign of a quality wine.  That’s okay, but it still makes my … Continue reading

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The Musings of a Busy LIfe — Making Time for Wine

It has been tough to find writing time these past few weeks, as making a living has gotten in the way of my passion for writing and wine. I know that some people actually make a living writing blogs, but … Continue reading

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Virgile’s Vineyard, A Year in Languedoc Wine Country — A Review.

Last year when I hooked up with Naked Wines, one of the first wines I tasted came from Virgile Joly, a Merlot produced and the Languedoc Region of France.  It was a marvelous fun wine, as the winemaker intended, for … Continue reading

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Wine for the Common Man — A Historical Perspective

Wine for the masses has a long history dating back to before the birth of the modern world when it serve as both a beverage with food, as a major medicinal cure all and many ceremonial purposes.  The early evidence of … Continue reading

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