Is Your Favorite Wine…Toxic?!?!

This is a great blog on the issue of arsenic in wine (California law suit) that sifts the wheat from the hulls and provides some balance to the discussion (panic). Enjoy

Marshall Tilden III, DWS, CSW

The simplest, yet most confusing, answer is…possibly. However let me start by saying that this arsenic controversy only seems to pertain to the least expensive, most highly produced California wines and if you are drinking a good amount of it. I’m not going to dive into all the details regarding the actual lawsuit, but if you are interested Forbes has an article with a run down of the situation…see below.

Arsenic And California Wine…Do You Need To Worry?

But the basics of the lawsuit (remember, it is still just an allegation) state that many inexpensive wines in California have higher than acceptable levels of arsenic. You can check the link below to see if any of your favorite wines are on that list:

Full List of Wines Named is Arsenic Lawsuit

What is arsenic? It is basically a metal that is found in various natural resources, namely soil and water, but can also be a…

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  1. k1reynolds says:

    Thanks for posting this, Robert. In the age of 24/7 media hype, it’s hard to get to the facts among all the shrill hysterics. It’s good to have a truly fair and balanced review of the truth.


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