Non-Naked, Naked Winemakers Other Projects, Say What!

Many of my readers don’t belong to the Naked Wines Family and have asked about getting some of the Naked Wines I’ve reviewed elsewhere.  Unfortunately you have to get them from Naked Wines, that said many of them have other projects that are available elsewhere.  Many of those are extensions of their Naked Wines work and some are up scale from their Naked Wines offerings.  Well a couple of my fellow Naked Archangels, Michael Sarna and Bob Puglisi started a Group within the Naked Wine Forums called Naked Wine Makers other Projects.  They compiled a list of all (may not be complete yet) the wine makers other websites where their other wines can be purchased.  I am reprinting the links here for your use and enjoyment.

Naked Winemakers, Other Projects:

Sara – Copain Wines –
Anna – Artesa Winery –
Randall Grahm – Bonny Doon Vineyard –
Matt Iaconis – Brick and Mortar Wines –
Wayne Donaldson – Eonian Wines –
JC van Staden – Peltier Winery –
Ernie Weir – Hagafen Cellars –
Macario Montoya – Campesino Cellars –
Scott McLeod – Sullivan Vineyards –
Randy Hester – Lightning Wines –
Derek Rohlff – Bravium –
Dalia Ceja – Ceja Vineyards –
Camille Benitah – Maxville Lake Winery –
Jessica Tomei – Cupcake Wines –
Jonathan Maltus – Worlds End Wines –
Scott Peterson – Rumpus Cellars –
F. Stephen Millier – Milliare Winery –
Richard Bruno – Vinum Cellars –
Daryl Groom – Groom Wines –
Karen Birmingham – Lange Twins Winery –
David Akiyoshi – Lange Twins Winery –
Katy Michaud – Diversion Wines –
Scott Kelly – Paul O’Brien Wines –
Steve Rasmussen – Foghat Cellars –
Bridget Raymond – Courtesan Wines –

Some of these wines may be available in wine shops, but they will be marked up substantially form what you will pay if you go to the winery or winery website and buy them directly.  Most will require a minimum order of 6 bottles and shipping may be extra for less than 12, so check them out and understand what you are getting,  There isn’t a single wine available from these links that I don’t just love, so depending on your tastes, I am sure you will find a lot to your liking.  Enjoy.

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6 Responses to Non-Naked, Naked Winemakers Other Projects, Say What!

  1. What is all the hype about Naked wines?


    • Poor Robert says:

      No particular hype, I am just fond of many of their wines and the fact that they ship (no charge for shipping) to my house.

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      • What about their pricing?


        • Poor Robert says:

          Their pricing and their customer service are absolutely wonderful. Go to their website and check out their current inventory and pricing. Look at the angel pricing not the retail. If you are interested, I’ll ask them to send you a voucher that will let you get a great deal (angel pricing) on your first case. It is really a crowd funding program that funds up front costs for aspiring winemakers (some new and some with gray hair in the industry) so that they can make their own wines the way they want to and not be bound by corporate restrictions. I’ve been a part of the group for about three years and have really enjoyed it. Some of their wine is really special, and some is just great. That said I lay back quite a bit (bigger reds) as it will be young when you get it. If you are not happy with a bottle for any reason, the refund your purchase price.

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  2. Thanks for the information and the tips on purchasing, Robert. Much appreciated!


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