Fancy a personal wine waiter? Meet Somm

This post by my collaborator the Wine Culturist was simply too good to not pass on. People always ask how to learn about wine. Well there is the old fashioned way trying them all and keeping good notes or there is the Techie way with SOMM. I love this concept, but I fear that I am too set in my ways to get full advantage of it. Enjoy


To kick off my new Wine Chat series please allow me to introduce the craft beer fanatic and startup whiz Michael Werner. Yes, you did read that right, my wine lover friends. I said the b-word. Michael co-founded the groundbreaking SYNEK company which is transforming the beer industry with its innovative countertop dispenser system. Proud owners of SYNEK units can enjoy a fresh glass of virtually any beer available on draft without having to trot down to the local pub (or bar for my dear American readers).

To complete the modernization of our home bars, the SYNEK team have now come up with Somm which works just like your own personal wine waiter. Using special 2.25 litre wine cartridges called Sylos, Somm ensures that you get a perfect pour with every glass of wine by chilling and aerating the wine just as the winemaker him/herself would serve it. Oh and…

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5 Responses to Fancy a personal wine waiter? Meet Somm

  1. Prior-01 says:

    looks cool – going to read more now – thanks for sharing


  2. Poor Robert says:

    Not likely in my future, but certainly one for the Millennials.


  3. clcoronios says:

    Robert, that’s a fascinating article/concept/techie-invention! Thanks for sharing.


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