The Weekly wine for September 25, 2017 A Very Rare (unobtainable) Wine

It’s been a while since I’ve posted to Poor Robert’s, as they say; Life has sort of gotten in the way.  Well I now have a reason. I just tried a really fun and interesting wine that nobody, not even I can buy.  A friend of mine, an engineer from Chicago vinted it and sent me a bottle to try.  Sorry Jim my expectations were not that high when you told me you were send it to me to sampPapa Starle and rate.  First thought; how do I rate this wine honestly and not hurt Jim’s feelings?  Well, I owe Jim a huge apology for doubting his winemaking skills.  In fairness, I’ve tasted a lot of homemade wines and I had a strong basis for my concern going in.

The wine arrived at my house in as solid a wine package as I’ve ever seen; bottles individually wrapped, all wrapped together and then padded in the box (a box no less so the UPS Guy thinks my dog scored again). What a surprise, James has his own wine label and they look as professionally bottled as any you would find in a high-end wine shop.  So now I am beginning to wonder what I have in front of me.  I cellar them for a couple of days to let them recover from their travels and tonight I popped the cork (tightest cork I’ve ever seen, I practically broke my Rabbit getting it out) and poured a glass to let it breathe.   What a treat it was to look at, a goldenrod nectar of Viognier as appealing as any I’ve ever had.  The rest of the story is in the tasting notes found in Poor Robert’s Wine Review section.  I won’t spoil the review by rehashing it here.

James I profusely apologize for ever doubting your wine making abilities.  Your Viognier blew me away.  My friend you should quit your day job and take up winemaking as a profession; you and your wine are that good.

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