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A Guest Post by Pascal, a Young Frenchman living in South Carolina who loves and lives Wine.

Pascal who grew up with his hands in the soil of Frances great wine regions wrote this as a post to a wine group I frequent and I asked permission to reprint it to my Poor Robert’s.  I am posting … Continue reading

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What Old Wino’s Do In Retirement

When I made the decision to retire it wasn’t easy.  After all I’d been doing lawyers stuff for forty-three years and as you can imagine, it pretty much defined me professionally.  What would I do with all my time? Would … Continue reading

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Craft Wines in a Production Wine Industry

As I wander the wine aisles of the supermarkets here in Missoula, I note a huge difference in variety and labels on the shelves.  I pulled a few off the shelves the other day and read some of the back … Continue reading

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Virgile’s Vineyard, A Year in Languedoc Wine Country — A Review.

Last year when I hooked up with Naked Wines, one of the first wines I tasted came from Virgile Joly, a Merlot produced and the Languedoc Region of France.  It was a marvelous fun wine, as the winemaker intended, for … Continue reading

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