Wine Reviews Page Now Has An Index

We now have a number (14 and counting) of reviews posted as comments to the wine review page so I have indexed them at the top of the page so readers can find what they are looking for more quickly.  You will note that I have the individual index entries hyperlinked to the specific review for ease of access. It’s still not as strong as I want, but I am working on re-indexing them in alphabetical order .  I am looking at doing it by wine name or by winemaker name and have yet to decide which is best.  If any of you have thoughts please post them here.

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6 Responses to Wine Reviews Page Now Has An Index

  1. Barbara says:

    Bogle Cabernet 2011
    Rating: Very good wine, Great Value
    Local Supermarket or Wine Shop

    I’m not very good with all the flowery comments about reviews, but this wine is very meaty in the mouth. Great color and good fruit on the palate. Nice clean finish. It’s very reasonably priced. Don’t know how they can produce this good a wine for the cost of a bottle. Should be $30 or more IMHO.

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    • rminto says:

      Barbara this review is just fine. I moved it to the Wine Review page, indexed it and left you a comment. Check it out and if you like answer the questions I asked as part of that string.


  2. rminto says:

    ABSOLUTELY!! In fact I hope you do. I love wines of all kinds, colors and sources and while I drink mostly Naked Wines personally, I doubt that an expanded readership will find them as interesting as others. I really would like to get others posting review so please give it a go.


    • Barbara says:

      I am particularly fond of Bogle Cab. We have a lot of the 2011 vintage. Would be very interested t know what you think of it. Needless to say, I run to Big reds. vanstaden malbec comes to mind.


      • rminto says:

        I’ll try it and let you know what I think. Why don’t you write a review (it doesn’t need to be fancy or detailed) and post it as a comment at the bottom of the wine reviews page. I’ll index and hyperlink it. I’d love to get some other reviews on the site.


  3. jeffnev says:

    Can we review “non-NW” wines?


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