The Weekly Wine for February 5, 2016

Et FilleEt Fille 2012 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. This wine is a family affair as Et Fille (translates – “and Daughter”) represents a collaboration between winemakers Howard Mozeico and his daughter Jessica Mozeico working from their winery of the same name (Et Fille).  They produce two Varietals, a Viognier and a full stable of Pinot Noirs. As a big fan of Oregon Pinots and in particular those produced in the Willamette Valley  I was really anxious to try this wine.  As Et Fille’s entry level Pinot Noir based on price don’t be fooled, at $24.00 a bottle this wine is top shelf.  Note: as the 2012 vintage and part of their current offering, these two really know how to age and release wines to produce maximum impact both in taste and value. Jessica & HowardEt Fille’s Pinot Noirs run the full the gambit of prices from this wine to a top end of $48.00. This wine, a classic Pinot Noir in the Oregon tradition carries lots of black and red fruit in the nose and in the mouth.  I won’t spoil the review found on the Wine Reviews page, but I will tell you that it is really worth reading.

Et Fille has a great website with a lot of great information about the family, their traditions and their philosophy on wine making with great detail about the processes involve and the time and care it takes to produce this fine wine.



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  1. That’s kind of unusual, isn’t it? A female wine maker? I’m impressed that they chose to highlight that fact with their name. Digressing a bit, I’d love to see reviews sometime of organic wines, or wines made with organic grapes. Have you done any?


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