Coming Soon To a Wine Blog Near You.

I told you a few weeks ago that I would be changing up the character of  Poor Robert’s (Wine) Almanac to give it a new and more exciting look and feel.  I wasn’t talking about giving it a new visual theme, although you never know, that may happen eventually, I am building in new features and more exciting information about the world of wine.  Starting tomorrow or perhaps Thursday, Poor Robert’s will inaugurate a new monthly (or there abouts) column I call “Wine Regions of the World – (region name)” written by wine people who actually live and work in those parts of the world.  Based on the successes of my periodic re-blogs of other peoples writing, I figured that you might be tired of hearing from me all the time and that introducing a World View Cadre of Authors (direct contributors) would be just the ticket.

So (drum roll please) the first of the new columns – Wine Regions of the World – Mendosa) will be authored by a world class blogger you’ve already met twice – The Wine Culturist herself, Alice Longhurst-Jones.

About Poor Robert

A simple man with many interests to share with all who wish my company and knowledge.
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6 Responses to Coming Soon To a Wine Blog Near You.

  1. Oh, I missed this! I look forward to it. I’m thinking of Ruth Reichl’s book Tender at the bone, in which she tells, in one chapter, of traveling with a wine buyer in France. Her stories of meeting the wine makers and tasting their wares had me positively drooling.


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