Craft Wine? Craft Beer’s Innovation Edge (and What Wine Can Do About It)

A year or so ago I did a post on Craft vs. Production Wines, but didn’t give Craft Beer a thought. The Wine Economist (Mike Veseth) just produced an absolutely outstanding post setting Craft Wine against Craft Beer. It is a must read for those interested in more than the taste of wine. The economics of both industries have different origins focused mostly on the cooperative nature of the Craft Beer business and the competitive advantage aspect of the Craft Wine Business. The Advent of Club W and NakedWines distribution and There winemakers collaboration models changed the wine side for some, but not all Craft Wine producers.

Enjoy this piece and definitely give Mikes’ blog a serious look.

The Wine Economist

battlePeople in the wine business tend to look at each other and see rivals like in the old Mad Magazine Spy vs Spy comic strip. In the battle for shelf space, consumer attention or critical praise, it usually seems like it is wine versus wine.

But hardly anyone lives by wine alone and these days the biggest competition is often less from other wineries (or wine regions) than from other products like craft beer, craft cider and craft spirits that have captured consumer imaginations. The battle for shelf space is real, but its not the only battle.

Keys to Craft Beer’s Success

Craft beer in particular has enjoyed great success in recent years and many of us see the unexpected fall in demand for wines priced at $8 per bottle and below here in the United States as one consequence of the craft beer boom.

Craft beer has many advantages. The…

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