The Weekly Wine for October 31, 2016


Brick and Mortar Vin Clair 2015 wouldn’t scare anybody, even on Halloween, in fact it’s quite soothing  to both the eye and the soul.  I’ve never tasted a wine like it.  Okay so I am not all that worldly as wine blends go but this one came off as totally unique to my palate.  Winemaker Matt Iaconis and his wife Alexis crafted this wine quite by chance one evening when they felt that the Pinot Noir they were tasting might be a bit astringent as a stand alone.  Crack open a bottle of their iconic Chardonnay and this wine is born,  By blending  a Pinot Noir (51%)  lightly oaked (unbuttered) Chardonnay (49%) IMG_20161029_132549prior to the Pinot Noir developing it’s traditional claret color they created, not a Rose of Pinot Noir, but rather a slightly peachy colored white wine.   It has an acidic front end (coming from the Pinot Noir) on first taste, but the acidity softens on sides of the tongue with the slightly oaky presence.  Part of this wine uniqueness emanates from the flavor profile  of Meyers lemon, mulling spices, Oak, peaches (this just maybe mental because of the color) with a touch of Sorghum.  All in all it doesn’t taste of Pinot Noir, or Chardonnay, but really creates a complex flavor profile unlike any of the usual cast of classic wine types.  Matt tells me that the 2016 Vin Clair has ben made differently with the whole grapes blended at crushing allowing the wine to be genuinely white.  Alas there goes my peach color that I so liked about this wine.  I am looking for ward to the release of the 2016 so I can do a side by side vintage and methodology comparison

At this point I have not done a formal review and tasting notes profile of this wine as I am waiting to drink a second bottle to compare.  I want to get it right and it is so different that I don’t want to get it wrong based on just one tasting. When I do, I’ll update this post and create the link to the Poor Robert’s Wine Review Page.

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