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When is a Wine Ready to Drink — Know When to Hold-em and Know When to Serve-em.

One of “Poor Robert’s” readers asked me how I know when a wine is ready to drink.  I thought about it and realized, I really do it intuitively.  I’ve been drinking wine so long, I just have a sense with … Continue reading

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Wine for the Common Man — A Historical Perspective

Wine for the masses has a long history dating back to before the birth of the modern world when it serve as both a beverage with food, as a major medicinal cure all and many ceremonial purposes.  The early evidence of … Continue reading

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Corks or Screw Caps — A Timeless Debate

Screw Caps or Corks; one question I will never ask a group of wine drinker after a couple bottles of wine.  Everybody has an opinion and nobody will ever admit that they are wrong. I’ve been following a discussion on … Continue reading

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