Wine and great Southern Bar BQ–Say What!

I am changing up Poor Robert’s posts yet again and moving into the cooking side of things for this one. You read it right, I use wine in cooking Smoked Southern Bar BQ.  I have to admit to being a novice smoker, but I love really good smoked meat and as you all know I do enjoy a glass of wine now and then.  I’ve often wondered why “the King of Beers” or “Black Jack” seemed to show up in every Bar BQ completion, but never a nice Cabernet, Merlot or Zin.  Well I’ve been working on changing that by experimenting in my own back yard.  I started with a Pork Butt and a Beef Brisket and I’ll be moving on to Baby Back Ribs and Chicken as soon as I get these perfected.

For the Pork Butt  I selected a nice inexpensive ($11.00) but very drinkable very dry Rose’.  Why in the world a Rose’, you ask? Well I want you to think eastern Carolina Bar BQ sauces.  They are made with mustard and vinegar and are more liquid than thick.  So th[7]here goes.  Take about a five pound Butt (bone in preferred) and inject it with a mixture of  one TBS bottled yellow mustard and one-half cup Rose and one-half cup apple juice well mixed.  Get as much into the Butt as you can without having two much run out.  Put the remainder in a clean plastic spray bottle.  Place the Butt in a smoker (follow smoker instructions) and cook (smoke) it for three hours undisturbed.  Open the smoker and spray the butt with the mixture from the spray bottle until the top appears wet.  Repeat this process every two hours, until the Butt registers 195 degrees F in the middle of its thickest part. At about four and a half hours put the Butt in a foil lined pan and keep smoking  If you don’t like your Pork Butt crispy, when it reaches your desired color you can tent it with foil for the remainder of the cooking process.

When its done (195 F internal-for five pound Butts I estimate total time at about eight to ten hours.) Remove it from the pan to a cutting board and let it rest for at least half an hour tented to keep it warm.  While it is resting pour the drippings in to a separating pitcher and let the oil rise to the top.  In a bowl mix the drippings (as much oil removed as possible, a quarter cup of cider, a quarter cup of the Rose’, a level TBS yellow bottled mustard and 1 cup of your favorite bottled BBQ Sauce (adjust until you get the sauce the consistency you like it).  Shred the Pork Butt with two forks or your fingers and serve.  You can either mix in some of the sauce until it has the consistency you like or just serve it on the side.  I prefer the latter as I like the pork just as it it is with a nice vinegar/wine based slaw and corn bread.  You can do the bun thing if you like so people can pick it up and eat it.  Oh by the way serve the Rose’, nicely chilled or if you prefer a really tart Sauvignon Blanc goes well.  Bon Apatite.

I’ll post the Brisket in the next edition, but before I kick this one to press, I must note that my recipe is to my taste, every one should feel free to adjust proportions to individual tastes.  In the interest of those that don’t like the wine idea you can mix apple juice and apple cider vinegar just as well, but I would start with a little less vinegar and a little more apple juice until you perfect your own sauce.

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5 Responses to Wine and great Southern Bar BQ–Say What!

  1. clcoronios says:

    Sounds awesome, Robert. LOVE SC (mustard-based) BBQ. Never tried combining it with ‘regular’ BBQ sauce, though. Will have to try with some Rose next time!


    • Poor Robert says:

      I use the wine and mustard to provide the acidity you would get from Vinegar and use bottled sauces for the principal flavor as each person has a personal preference. If you like VM East Carolina BBQ, you can use a bottled variety to give it that touch.


  2. Poor Robert says:

    Kathryn — The wine is a stand in for the Vinegar. Good East Carolina BBQ is very acidic as opposed to tomato saucy like most of us know. The Rose’ with a little more mustard makes a unique and delicious substitute for the Vinegar. BTW I am with you on the vegetarian stuff. I eat meat for dinner about twice a week and then it is more of a condiment. We use a lot of Zucchini shreds as a pasta substitute and do lots of fun sauces with a little chicken tossed in just so we can say we did. .


  3. Haha, Robert! As an almost vegetarian exploring more and more vegan recipes these days, I was surprised to find that something I once would have thought looked fabulously delicious no longer has that effect on me. I’m sure your barbecue was marvelously tasty, but I still don’t quite get the Rose’. Something about the mustard and vinegar?


  4. Vicky says:

    Oh my, that looks and sounds utterly delicious Robert…


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